Many thanks go to these individuals and organizations for their help with this project.
Abascus Software Flight Dyamics Editor.  Allowed me to "touch up" the dyamics on the C-47
Berlin Airlift Historical Foundation For much assistance and cooperation.
"Berlin Airlift" By John Provan and R.E. G. Davies.
Berlin Airlift Veterans Association A short story by Eddie Carchia
Rich Boehringer C-54 USAF textures  
Ron Bunch Major US Army (ret)  Information on Burtonwood RAF base
The Burtonwood Assoc. Web-site on Burtonwood RAF base
Carnegie Mellon University  free web-space
"City under siege" By Michael D. Haydock
Daniel W. Christensen Author of "Navy's Involvement in the Berlin Airlift"
Tom Constantine His tutorial on scenery design got Bill Von Sennet started.
The crew of  “The Air Transport Command” Gerry Munn - pilot C-54 Wisbaden 1949; Bill Morrison RAF - Celle 1948-1949
      C-54E 44-9144 Bill Odell had the honor of being onboard this restored aircraft.
Bernd Drefahl DC-4 sound (Used for both C-54's and the R5D2)
Chuck Dome Makepink utility which allowed for illuminated gauges in FS2K panels.
Rafael dos Santos 3D Hangars
Thomas Ferber DC-3 panel
Roy Flash C-47 textures
Harry Follas DC-4 design based on DC-6B by Tom Gibson & Harry Follas
Harry Follas Short Sunderland
John Frum Macros for Tower and Admin. Buildings (with Names) and other buildings.
Tom Gibson Propliner gauges
Tom Gibson C-54 USAF design
Tom Gibson DC-6B design (used as basis for DC-4 and R5D2)
Tom Goodrick Flight dynamics. The search engine that helped us find a lot of this stuff!
Brian Horsey DC-4 flight model (C-54 Mats and R5D2)
Brian Horsey Short Sunderland flight model.
John Kelley DC-3 and Dakota design  - Fuel flow gauges.
Ernie Kennedy Properk propliner gauges
Jim Laskowski DC-3 panel
Derek Leung FS Scenery Creator
Microsoft Corporation Flight Simulator 98 and Flight Simulator 2000
Dave  Melhuish FS2002 update for the Short Sunderland
Mike Mendez MATS Arrow
Gary Millera FS2002 update for the Short Sunderland
Trev Morson DC-3 sound (used for the C-47)
Trev Morson Dakota repaint.
Ian Murphy Photos and site map of Burtonwood RAF base
Richard Osborne Avro York design and flight model.
Guy Palin Flying Boat Docks.
Les Penridge Modified C-54 USAF
J. Power C-54 Textures
Dennis Simanitis Berlin Airlift Navaids
Pieter Stam C-54 Panel used by Mats, USAF and Navy R5D2
Ed Struzynski Author of CfgEdit  Instrument Panel Editor.
Kevin Trinkle C-54 USAF design
Many others Who graciously supplied information, and who I have lost track of over the years.
The Gauge designers Sorry, I lose track of who designed what. Thanks, your work is appreciated.
United States Air Force Historical Information on the Airlift.
United States Navy "Navy's Involvement in the Berlin Airlift" Naval Aviation News Jan-Feb 1996
Mike Vidal Dakota Flight Dynamics
A. Werner Added moving parts to both C-54's using Abacus Aircraft Animator
A. Werner FS_EDDI web site where the planes where downloaded from.
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