Novermber 2nd BBC Chartering "BBC Fuji" departing Duluth MN


November 2nd Great Lakes Fleet "Roger Blough" with a load of Iron Ore from Two Harbors

MN to Conneaut OH.  It will then head to Winter Lay/Up at Erie PA

Vessels head to early lay-up

11/3 - Waterfront reports indicate that American Spirit is headed for an early winter lay-up at Sturgeon Bay. Indiana Harbor is headed to Duluth/Superior to lay-up. Roger Blough and Presque Isle are on their last trips of the season as well, with Edgar B. Speer also reported to be on or near her last trip of the season. The early lay-ups are likely a result of the downturn in the steel industry.

Picture and news credit boatnerd.com


November 5th Great Lakes Fleet "Edgar B Speer" departing Poe Lock destination

Two Harbors MN to load iron ore.


American Steamship "American Century" entering the Poe Lock enroute from Superior

WI to St Clair MI with a load of coal.


Canada Steamship Lines "CSL Welland" waiting to enter Poe Lock. Destination

Thunder Bay ON.