March 29th Algoma Central “John D Leitch waiting to enter the Poe Lock enroute from Winter

Lay-Up at Owen Sound ON to Two Harbors MN to load iron ore.  Followed by Canada Steamship

Lines “Baie St Paul” enroute from Winter Lay-up at Montreal QC to Duluth MN to load iron ore.


Canada Steamship Lines “Atlantic Huron” exiting the Poe Lock enroute from Thunder Bay ON to

Sydney Nova Scotia.


US Coast Guard “Morro Bay” followed by Canada Steamship Lines “CSL Assiniboine” enroute

from Duluth MN to Quebec QC


Sunship Schiffahrtskontor LG (Germany) “Lake Ontario” upbound on the Detroit River eroute

from Liverpool UK to Duluth MN.


Canada Steamship Lines “Whitefish Bay” downbound on the Detroit River enroute from

Superior WI to Quebec QC.


Canada Steamship Lines “Rt Hon Paul J Martin” waiting to enter the Poe Lock enroute from

Nanticoke ON to Superior WI to load iron ore.


Canada Steamship Lines “CSL Assiniboine” entering the Poe Lock.