April 15th Algoma Central “Algoma Enterprise” downbound on the St Lawrence River in the

Thousand Islands with a load of iron ore from Two Harbors MN to Quebec City QC

Credit Cyril Waugh – St Lawrence River Ship Watchers.


April 15th Algoma Central “Radcliffe R Latimer” downbound on the St Lawrence River at

Brockville ON with a load of coal from Thunder Bay ON to Sydney, Nova Scotia 

credit Dennis Purvis – St Lawrence River Ship Watchers


Lower Lakes Towing “Manitoulin” waiting to enter the Poe Lock enroute from Sandusky OH to

Sault Ste Marie ON.  Next in line is the Canada Steamship Lines “Atlantic Huron” enroute from

Milwaukee WI to Thunder Bay ON.

Approaching is the Canada Streamship Lines “CSL Niagara” enroute to Superior WI