June 18th - Algoma Central "Peter R Cresswell departing the Davis Lock. 

Destination Superior WI to load iron ore pellets.


June 19th - Canada Steamship Lines "CSL Niagara" entering the Davis Lock. 

Destination Port Colborne ON


June 19th - Canada Steamship Lines "SCL Welland" passing Port Huron MI/Sarnia ON

with a load of grain.  Destination Montreal


June 19th - Algoma Central "CWB Marquis" passing Clayton NY with a load of grain from

Thunder Bay ON to Port Cartier QC. 


The Seaway is closed at the Eisenhower Locks due to an accident involving the cruise

ship St Laurent.  The ship damaged its bow and all the water had to be let out of the lock.  

As many as 30 passengers had to be taken to the hospital and all of the passengers

had to be lifted by a crane to get them off the ship. 


Algoma Central "Algoma Equinox" on left upbound at Detroit  On right "CSL Niagara"

destination Port Colborne ON.


"Algoma Equinox" passing Windsor ON. Destination Thunder Bay ON.


American Steamship "American Mariner" passing Windsor ON.

Destination Calcite South (Rogers City MI)


Algoma Central "Algoma Transport" Passing Windsor ON.

Destination Serpent Harbour ON


News: The Cruise Ship St Laurent is still blocking the St Lawrence Seaway.  There are

now 22 ships waiting for the Eisenhower Locks to open again.