August 26 Hanza Heavy Lift "HHL Tyne" arrives at Duluth on its first trip on the Great Lakes-Seaway with a load

of Wind Turbine parts.  After unloading it is scheduled to load grain for its return voyage.

The "HHL Elbe" left Duluth August 17th after unloading and picked up a load of grain at Thunder Bay.  It is

currently in Montreal QC.  Destination Naples Italy.

The "HHL Nile" is enroute to Duluth has left Montreal and is enroute Duluth.


August 27th  Canada Steamship Lines "CSL-Niagara" Arriving at Duluth MN to refuel and load iron ore pellets.


August 27th Hanza Heavy Lift "HHL Tyne" unloading at Duluth MN.  credit Dennis O'Hara Duluth Harbor Cams

using his "Buzz"RC copter.  The blades are 125" long and weigh 25 tons.  They will be trucked 500 miles to a new

wind farm (Thunder Spirit) in Western North Dakota.


Algoma Central "Algoma Equinox" upbound on the St Lawrence River passing Clayton NY. Destination Hamilton ON.