Sept. 25th Algoma Central “Radcliffe R Latimer” approaching Detroit MI to refuel. Enroute

from Hamilton ON to Goderich ON to load salt for Johnstown ON. 

Credit Clarence Vautier St Lawrence River Ship Watchers.


Sept 27th Polish Steamship “Juno” exiting the Poe Lock enroute to Thunder Bay ON


Sept 27th Algoma Central “Algoma Equinox” Entering the Poe Lock with a load of wheat

from Thunder Bay ON to Hamilton ON.


Sept 27th Great Lakes Fleet “Cason J Calloway” downbound on the Detroit River at

Windsor ON with a load of stone from Stoneport MI to Huron OH.


Sept 27th  Great Lakes Fleet “Edwin H Gott” entering the Poe Lock enroute to Conneaut

OH with a load of iron ore.


G3 Canada Ltd “G3 Marquis” upbound on the Detroit River passing Windsor ON.

Enroute from Hamilton ON to Thunder Bay ON to load wheat.