Lower Lakes Towing "Calumet" dowbound on the Detroit River passing Windsor ON

destination Toledo OH


Algoma Central "CWB Marquis" downbound on the Detroit River passing Windsor ON with

a load of grain from Thunder Bay ON to Port Cartier QC.  Sorry for the blurred picture

but its a windy day and the camera is bouncing all over the place.


Lower Lakes Towing "Cuyahoga" upbound on the St Lawrence River passing Clayton NY

Destination is Toronto ON


Five ships are hunkering down in Lake Erie behind Long Point.  It is a wild and windy

day on the Lake.


Here is a Tweet from the captain of the "Whitefish Bay"


Algoma Central "Radcliffe R Latimer" trying to find shelter on the leeward side of the

Lake Erie Islands north of Sandusky OH. 

credit Clarence Vautier St Lawrence River Ship Watchers