December 4th MST (Germany) Cornelia at anchor in Lake Superior outside of Duluth MN. 

This ship was loaded with grain about a month ago, but has been detained by the US

Coast Guard due to an oily discharge.  In order to insure passage through the Welland

Canal before it closes for the winter it should leave by December 18th.

credit duluthharborcam.com


December 6th The captain is arriving to board CSL "Thunder Bay" Unsure of the location

but it is now in the Welland Canal enroute to Quebec.  credit Capt Jason Church


December 7th Canada Steamship Lines "Baie Comeau" departing the Poe Lock enroute

from Toledo OH to Two Harbors MN where it will load iron ore pellets.


December 8th  Note the new Lower Lakes Towing "Manitoulin" is currently at Windsor

ON (perhaps to refuel) enroute from Burns Harbor IN to Bowmanville ON (east of Toronto).


Great Lakes Fleet "John G Munson" arriving at Windsor ON.