The Train Scene

1Q2000                                                                        Volume 1  Number 1


Welcome to the first issue of “The Train Scene” a quarterly (for now) e-zine.   We will feature pictures of railroad subjects that we found interesting.  On occasion we may even editorialize on a subject. 




1.                  Conemaugh River Bridges

2.                  Western Maryland at Hemstetter’s Curve

3.                  U.S. Mail’s Celebrate the Century

4.                  CSX and NS across the Mon River from Downtown Pittsburgh.

5.                  Pat Transit “T” Library Line.

6.                  Phipp’s Conservatory Garden Railroad.



Now sit back and enjoy our premiere issue.  Click on the pictures to see a larger image.


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Conemaugh River Bridges


            The old Conemaugh River Bridge was replaced by the high bridge when the Conemaugh Dam was being built.

These bridges are located on the Conemaugh Line of Norfolk Southern between Blairsville and Saltsburg PA.


            After crossing the stone arch bridge, trains entered the Bow Tunnel which eliminated a circuitous route.


            Sign outside the tunnel.


            This is the view across the stone arch bridge from outside of Bow Tunnel.



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Western Maryland at Hemstetter’s Curve


   It’s “Thunder in the Mountains” as the Western Maryland Tourist Railroad smokes it up climbing past the Cash Valley Road Crossing. 


      This was an unusually large consist and was filled with railfans visiting Cumberland Marylands RailFest.



      A pusher brings up the rear.



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U.S. Mail’s Celebrate the Century


     Amtrak provided a Genesis dressed up like a manilla envelope complete with stamps and postmarks.  The Train made a guest appearance at Cumberland’s Railfest.   


   Several cars were fitted up with displays of how the mail was handled by trains.


   The last car was a private observation that hauled railroad executives.


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CSX and NS across the Mon River from Downtown Pittsburgh.


     Two BNSF units lead a CSX Coal Train west at Milepost 0 of the former P & LE

The bridge piers were for the old Wabash Railroad.


     A westbound NS on the former PRR Panhandle Division passes beneath the Wabash tunnel portal.  The tunnel was revamped in the 70’s for the “Skybus” project which fizzled.  Current plans call for a busway to use it.


     Westbound NS.  The Panhandle west of McKees Rocks is abandoned, but Coal Trains from the Mon Valley and Double Stacks from Pitcairn use it to reach the Fort Wayne Line via the Bell Bridge.


     A meet between East and West Bound CSX trains at MP 0 


     The sunrise gives the Fort Pitt Bridge (I-279) a warming glow in the 7 degree F. morning.

These pictures were taken from the comfort of a room on the 14th floor of the Sheraton Station Square.


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Pat Transit “T” Library Line.



      Port Authority of Allegheny County # 4108 passing through the Castle Shannon Station.


      The view from behind the operators position at the end of the line in Library.


      The interior of 4143.


      Southbound 4112 near Kings School Road in Bethel Park PA


      Southbound 4143 along Brigthwood Road in Bethel Park.


The Library Line  originally was the Charleroi Line, but it was cut back at Library PA in the late ‘40’s and replaced by Blue Ridge Coach Lines, then Greyhound, followed by Eighty Eight Transit and now serviced by Mid Mon Valley Transit Authority.


From the North the “T” originates as a subway beneath Gateway Center at Liberty & Stanwix,  It follows beneath Liberty, then Sixth Ave the Steel Plaza station beneath Bigelow and Sixth.  It then follows the PRR right of way across the Panhandle Bridge and enters the Mt Washington Transit Tunnel.  From there it follows the old Mt Lebanon Street Car line through Beechview and Dormont and then becomes a subway to Mt Lebanon.  From there to Castle Shannon it follows the right of way that was single tracked as a connector between Mt Lebanon and Castle Shannon Loops.  From Castle Shannon it follows the original Library route past Washington Junction (where the majority of cars branch off to South Hills Village and the shops.)  There are plans to extend the “T” underneath the Allegheny River to the new Steeler’s and Pirates Stadiums that are under construction.



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Phipp’s Conservatory Garden Railroad.


      A “G” scale Union Pacific crosses a trestle


      The freight and passengers train meet at “Cripple Creek


      The Freight passes under a trestle.


      A Shay logger enters a tunnel


      A long view of the passenger train.


      The Shay logger.


Phipp’s Conservatory is located east of Downtown Pittsburgh between Oakland and Schenley Park.

The display will be open through February.


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