Rockville Bridge and Newport to Lewistown PA

On July 18th, 1998 we visited the Harrisburg PA area and got the pictures of the Rockville Bridge. Thanks go to the Eastern Rail News for their article on railfaning the Harrisburg area.

On April 3rd, 1999 we visited Newport PA and then west to Lewistown PA. Thanks to Railpace for their excellent April 99 article on railfanning Newport.

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Conrail 6773, LMS 718 and CR 8278 pull onto the Rockville Bridge from Enola Yards.

Amtrak 47 and 69 lead the eastbound "Three Rivers" onto the Rockville Bridge


The consist includes 8 mail handling, 1 baggage, 4 coaches and 7 road railers. A panoramic view, use your scroll buttons to see the whole picture.

A panoramic view of the entire consist of the "Three Rivers"

Conrail 6276, 5547 and 6662 lead "Mail-3" westbound across the Rockville Bridge.


Westbound auto rack approaches Newport.


Train rounds the curve at Jct of Lower Bailee and Upper Bailee Roads.


Heading into Newport train passes Gazebo featured in Railpace article..

Eastbound Amtrak "Three Rivers" approaches Newport PA.

Amtrak 78 leads the eastbound Train 40 "Three Rivers into Newport"

Westbound Road-Railer suprised the photographer as it left Newport. (Sorry about missing the lead unit on the bridge.)

Conrail 5586 leads an intermodal train eastbound into Newport

Conrail 2574 leads a westbound past the Mifflin PA station.

Westbound Road-Railer departing Newport PA

Eastbound Intermodal train approaching Newport PA

Eastbound Conrail between Mexico and Thompsontown PA

Westbound Amtrak train 41 "Three Rivers"arriving at Lewiston PA on the day before Daylight Savings Time would put this shot in a whole new light.


The "Three Rivers" begins to detrain its Lewistown passengers. No hurry today as the train is several minutes early. By the time it gets to Huntington it will be late due to a slow order at the sight of last weeks derailment.


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