Portion of the PRR Peters Creek Branch in Snowden PA


Most of the Mountour RR around the south end of Pittsburgh has been converted to a bike trail.  In the area known as Snowden (between Gastonville and Pleasant Hills) a new road (with a bike lane) has been constructed on the old right of way of the Peters Creek Branch of the Pennsylvania Railroad which the Montour had trackage rights on.  The Montour ended at the Snowden interchange with the B & O RR.


            This is the new road passing under the old Pittsburgh and West Virginia Clairton Branch.


            This bridge carries the Wheeling and Lake Erie Connellsville line over the old PRR Peters Creek Branch.


Here are some other shots taken in the area south and east of Pittsburgh.


            A very late Capitol Limited passes through West Newton, PA bound for Washington D.C.


            The delapidated ex B&O West Newton station.  Used by CSX Maintenance of Way crews.


            CSX 6013 leads a freight through Elizabeth PA.


            The Elizabeth P & LE RR station is for sale.  Looks pretty nice.


            The seldom seen NS Shire Oaks yard.  It is across the river from Elizabeth in Elrama PA


            A double stack on NS Port Perry Bridge.  Union RR Duquesne PA yard in foreground.


Warning: Trespassing on Union Railroad property is not tolerated.


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