The Virginia and Truckee RR – Virginia City, NV

Tehacapi Loop and a few others.


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BNSF 4339 Leads a southbound train into Klamath Falls, OR on Sept. 20, 2000




Remote controlled mid-train helpers.




Virginia & Truckee #8 brings the train back from Gold Hill.




Arriving at Virginia City, NV the train passes below the Virginia & Truckee yard.






Climbing up the grade from Gold Hill.




Approaching the tunnel under the highway.


Virginia City is just ahead.




BNSF 605 leads a southbound intermodal train at Merced, CA




Union Pacific 3670 Southbound alongside Route 99 between Fresno and Bakersfield.



A long mixed freight heading east around Tehacapi Loop.




Union Pacific 9697 leads the train around the last curve.  The end of the train is still coming through the tunnel.






The nose of 9697 is about to pass, blocking our view of the rest of the train.





Mid-Train helpers pass our vantage point.




A gap and a low trailer allow us to see there is still a lot more train to come!




A half-stack reveals the end of the train passing over the tunnel.




The Tehacapi Railroad Club’s trailer.  They are having a picnic today at Keene, CA




We got to downtown Tehacapi in time to see 9697 bring the train through.  The summit is just ahead, then its all down hill to Mojave.



BNSF 6786 leads a westbound up to Summit from Mojave.  Note the electricity generating wind mill farm on top of the hill.





And so another west coast trip of the Latrobe Railfan draws to a close.

Tehacapi has once again been a high point of our trip.


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